The Reorganized ACI 14 Code. – Are You Ready? Neal S. Anderson, P.E., S.E.. Staff Consultant. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Chicago, Illinois. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has pub- lished Building Code Requirements for Struc- tural Concrete (ACI ) and Commentary. /R ACI Building Code and Commentary. PREFACE. The code portion of this document covers the design and construction of structural concrete .

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In considering the combination of dead, live, and wind loads, Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on The assumptions made shall be consistent throughout the analysis. Adequate hori- zontal support at the offset bends shall be treated as a matter of design, and shall be provided by metal ties, spirals, or parts of the floor construction.

Moments at faces of supports may be used for design of beams and afi.

Values of x r T 0. Creep of concrete 4. For beams designed on the basis of ultimate strength and built without shores, the effective depth of the composite section used in the calculation of the ultimate moment shall not exceed: Skip to main content.

Full text of “ACI Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete”

Formwork for Concrete, SP-4, 8y2Xll-in. Bars, if used, shall not be less than 3 bars, nor shall they be spaced more Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on Welded wire fabric with welded intersections not farther apart than 12 in. A semicircular turn plus an extension of at least four bar diameters but not less than 2Vz in.

Shear as a measure of diagonal tension shall be computed in conformance with Section or Openings of any size may be provided in flat slabs if pro- vision is made for the total positive and negative moments and for shear without exceeding the allowable stresses except that when design is based on Sectionthe limitations given therein shall not be exceeded.

The reinforcement in the bottom of the slab shall be at right angles to the diagonal or may be of Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on Provision shall be made for transfer of shear and other forces through the construction joint.

Composite concrete flexural construction—A precast concrete member and cast-in-place reinforced concrete so interconnected that the compo- nent elements act together as a flexural unit. Items of a more general nature are indicated by page numbers in normal weight type Web rein- forcement between the face of the support and the section at a distance d therefrom shall be the same as required at that section. The reinforce- ment in each band shall be of equivalent size and spacing to that re- quired for the maximum positive moment in the slab.


These methods of design are to implement the pro- visions of Section Welding of reinforcement is covered by reference to the appropriate AWS standard. In structures in which it is normal practice to take into account creep, elastic deformation, shrinkage, and temperature, the effects of such items shall be considered on the same basis as the effects of dead load.

In determining the limiting deflection for a cantilever, I shall be taken as twice the distance from the support to the end, and the deflection shall be adjusted for movement of the support. The ties shall be so arranged that every corner and alternate longitudinal bar shall have lateral support provided by the corner of a tie having an included angle of not more than deg and no bar shall be farther than 6 in.

Where information for the determination of fsH is not avail- able, and provided that fse is not less than 0. Slabs with paneled ceilings may be considered as flat slabs provided the panel of reduced thickness lies entirely within the area of inter- secting middle strips, and is at least two-thirds the thickness of the re- Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on When minimum steel tie requirements of c are fol- lowed and the contact surface is rough and clean psi 4.

The thickness of slab shall not be less than shown in Table e. The top surface shall be generally level. Fatigue of Concrete, Bibliography No. The equivalent of all bars interrupted shall be pro- vided by extra steel on all sides of the openings.

Reinforcement with an area equal to at least 0. Method 2 — For combinations of materials previously evaluated or to be established by trial mixtures Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on The slab or footing in this case shall be designed as required in the remainder of this section.

SYNOPSIS This code provides minimum requirements for the design and construction of reinforced concrete, or composite structural elements of any structure erected under the requirements of the general building code of which this code forms a part. When construction joints are necessary, they shall be made in accordance with Section The construction shall consist of at least three continuous panels in each direction. The structure may be considered divided into a number of bents, each consisting of a row of columns or supports and strips of supported slabs, each strip bounded laterally by the center line of the panel on either side of the center line of columns or supports.


FLAT SLABS —Design procedures a Methods of analysis — All flat slab structures shall be designed in accordance with a recognized elastic analysis subject to the limita- tions of Sections andexcept that the empirical method of design given in Section may be used for the design of flat slabs conforming with the limitations given therein.

A complete publications catalog is available from ACI Headquarters free of charge.

Slabs with 38-10 or pockets made by permanent or re- movable fillers between reinforcing bars may be considered flat slabs. Account shall also be taken of the loading condition giving the maximum ratio of bending moment to axial load. Deflection of mem- bers due to the prestressing force and deformation of falsework shall be considered in the design. Spiral reinforcement shall conform to Eq. Combination column—A column in which a structural steel member, designed to carry the principal part of the load, is encased in concrete of such quality and in such manner that the remaining load may be allowed thereon.

The metal cores shall be designed to cai safely any construction or other loads to be placed upon them prior to their encasement in concrete. If column moments have not been considered in the design of the column or if computations show that there is no eccentricity at one or both ends of the column, the factor in a 2 shall be used.

318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

By a standard hook, considered as developing 50 percent of the allowable stress in the bar, plus embedment sufficient to develop by bond the remaining stress in the bar, in conformance with Chapters 13 and Concentration of reinforcement aic the column head by additional reinforcement or closer xci may be used to resist the moment of the section. The live load may be considered to be applied only to the floor or roof under consideration, and the far ends of the columns may be assumed as fixed.

Remember me on 318-110 computer. The shear is not over half that normally permitted, including allowance for shear reinforcement, if any. In solid slabs the piping, except for radiant heating and snow melting, shall be placed between the top and bottom reinforcement.