Determinación de la cmc. La concentración micelar crítica (cmc) de un tensioactivo puede ser determinada por numerosos métodos que utilizan las diferencias. CONCENTRACIÓN MICELAR CRÍTICA DE UN SURFACTANTE ESQUEMA MOLECULAR DE LA TENSIÓN SUPERFICIAL ECUACIÓN DE LA. micelles and is known as the critical micelle concentration (CMC). commonly used surfactants the CMC is typically less than about M (e.g. sodium.

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Cultivada con glucosa, B. Structure and characterization of favolipids, a novel class of biosurfactants produced by Flavobacterium sp.

Micellar Systems

Nova25 Biological role of gramicidin S concentrwcion spore functions. Por ejemplo, la solubilidad del octadecano en agua es de 0. The strong electrostatic attraction between dye and surfactant leads to the formation of ionic pairs with low quantum yield and reduced solubility at very low surfactant concentrations. Bioremediation of contaminated soils. Para cada microlitro adicionado registrou-se uma medida. Physicochemical and antimicrobial properties of new rhamnolipids produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa AT10 from soybean oil foncentracion wastes.

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Remediation of contaminated soil by surfactantaided soil washing. Surfactant solubilization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds in soilwater suspensions. Recibido diciembre Aceptado marzo A cloud point study on the micellar growth of an amphiphilic drug in the presence of alcohol and ionic surfactant.

El tercero es la termoestabilidad que le permite mantener su capacidad tensoactiva. Biosurfactants and their application for soil bioremediation. Biosurfactants, more in demand than ever. The Pseudomonas concehtracion RhIA enzyme is involved in rhamnolipid and polyhydroxyalkanoate production.

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Surface activities of Mycobacterium and Pseudomonas. Isolation of a bioemulsifier from Candida lipolytica. Effect of biodispersan in grinding limestone and making paper. Biosurfactant production by cooncentracion soil Pseudomonas strain growing on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Novel surface tension isotherm for surfactants based on local density functional theory.

FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. Effect of combined nutrients on biosurfactant produced by Pseudomonas putida. Dye exchange in micellar solutions. The concentration model provides an objective definition of the critical micelle concentration cmc and yields precise and well defined values of derived physical parameters.

Un efecto de la fuente de carbono en el biotensoactivo producido fue observado por Robert et al. Microbial Processes for Bioremediation. Biosurfactant production with glucose as a carbon source. Scale up studies for the production of biosurfactant in concrntracion column bioreactor. Aqueous solution of the paraffinchains salts: Although an extensive number of microorganisms are capable of synthesizing biosurfactants, they are mainly produced by bacteria.


Determination of the critical micelle concentration of humic acids by spectroscopy and conductimetric measurements. The characteristic concentration of surface active agents in solution in practice, a narrow range of concentration above which the appearance and development of micelles brings about sudden variation in vritica relation between the concentration and certain physico-chemical properties of the solution.

Towards commercial production of microbial surfactants. Surfactants are synthesized chemically concetracion biologically, in which case they are called biosurfactants. Environmental importance of rhamnolipid production from molasses as a carbon source.


The interaction of the moderately hydrophobic cationic dye R with surfactants of differently charged head groups shows a behaviour of surprising variety. Microorganismos como Acinetobacter spp. Above the CMC all the dye is included in micelles.

Cultivaron cepas de Flavobacterium sp. We use the concentration model for the analysis of properties such as electrical conductivity, surface tension, NMR chemical shifts, absorption, self-diffusion coefficients, fluorescence intensity and mean translational diffusion coefficient of fluorescent dyes in surfactant solutions.

Production and characterization of biosurfactants from Bacillus licheniformis F2. Aunque una amplia gama de microorganismos son capaces de sintetizar biotensoactivos, las bacterias son las principales productoras. Este mesmo comportamento foi observado para a amostra de HA de vermicomposto, Figura 5. As amostras de HAs estudadas foram provenientes de turfa e vermicomposto.

As model systems they are simpler, with well-defined sizes and advantageous properties. Enhanced octadecane dispersion and biodegradation by Pseudomonas rhamnolipid surfactant biosurfactant.

Comparative analysis of the lipids of Acinetobacter species grown on hexadecane. Rhamnolipid production by Concenrtacion aeruginosa under denitrification: Fluorinated surfactants and repellents. On a metabolic product of Ps.