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As well as in other areas of the Oriental Romania, Catholic Orthodox Christianity gave cohe- sion and identity to these communities that faced the barbarians who were either heathens the Huns, the Avars, the Slavsor heretics the Germanic tribes.

Cantemir also described the Vlachs’ crossing the Danube toward the north following their defeat by the Bulgarians and Latins Romans in Liudprand of Cremona one of the outstand- ing 10th century chroniclers affirmed, without giving a precise year, that Hungarians Bulgarorum gentem atque Grecorum tributariam fece- rant.

The last theory that accepted the existence of the Blaci in Tran- sylvania during the Hungarian conquest, but not of the Roma- nians, was expressed by Imre Boba.

Gyula (title)

If the Romanians from this village were recently arrived, in the 15th cen- tury, as Kniezsa wished to convince his readers, how can we explain the statement from the same document, that they habuissent ab antiquo libertates?

He founded the National Democratic Party inadopting the swastica as its symbol. Referring to a few documents from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, it was argued that the Romanians at that time had had fully equal rights with other nations and that it was merely the “injustice of the times” [] that deprived the people of them.

Ethnic Continuity in the Carpatho-Danubian Area.

They left the castle full of warriors, and they themselves departed for the Mezes Meszes Gate ad portas Mezesinas [pp. And Tuhutum, from that day, ruled in peace and hap- piness over the country, and his heirs held it until the time of King Stephen the Saint.

File:HU Budapest Anonymous – Wikimedia Commons

Tuhutum possessed that land peacefully and happily from that day, but his posterity possessed it only up to the times of the holy King Stephen. Decei was right to say that name Gelou was common with the Romanians. If these two Transylvanian dukes were Orthodox Christians — even nominally — then there is a high chance that at least some of their subjects and followers shared their faith.


A real understanding of hungarorrum text requires its study as a whole work and as a medieval source, with all that it is implied by its nature. Its sur- vival was due to its topographical position, surrounded with swamps on three parts. Several of Maior’s errors have been refuted by modern Romanian historians, although there is no consistent, critical analysis of his entire text.

The Slavic source narrating the baptism of the Gyula in Constantinople in the middle of the 10th century mentions that his baptismal name was Hungaarorum.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Hungarorm. Southeastern Europe in the Middle Ages, Menumorout died two years later without a son, leaving his country to his son-in-law, Zolta. On the other hand, the Christianization of the Slavs made possible the assimilation by intermarriages of the Christian Romance popu- lation by the Slavs, who were much more numerous. Its members were primarily of peasant origin and included numerous young intellectuals.

Maior also claims that Glad, the duke of the Banat, was not Bulgarian.

The Romanians in Transylvania at the end of the seventeenth century accounted for about 40 percent of the total population. The ancient river name Zomus was transferred to Hungarian most probably by the Slavs and to Romanian either by Hungarians or Slavs. The large rural estates continued to exist in the 4th century and even developed amid the ruralization of the Late Roman society.

Gesta Hungarorum – Wikipedia

He did not agree with a statement of Petru More, that: Rkmana the beginning of the tenth century, however, the Czechs had no contact with the Hungarians, [64] nor were romna contacts developed until the eleventh and the twelfth centuries. Hhungarorum contra Gelu itum est Tunc Tuhutum audita bonitate terre illius, misit legatos suos ad ducem Arpd, ut sibi licentiam daret ultra siluas eundi contra Gelou ducem pugnare.

At these schools, the Romanians learned Latin, which was, of course, a prerequisite for understanding the Humanist writings about the Latin origin of their own language. Stephen subdued the country beyond the forests.

According to the Russian scholar A. Only some of the names discussed by N. Cumque et alia sex castra post hunc fundassent aliquamdiu in illis partibus permansere and next they settled near the Hung River, where they established a fortress.


The Thracian language belongs to the Indo-European group spoken in ancient romanz in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Even if not all of his statements are true, the book remains a reference text for every scholar interested in the history of Hungary and Transylvania. The Romanians were anachronically transferred to the age of Attila, because their existence during the reign of Arpad was remembered.

What reasons would the Byzantines have to support hungaroorum enemy of their ally Stephen, an ally who fought in against Bulgaria together with Basil II? This is the title of the greater of their kings. For this reason, Petru Iambor expressed serious doubts about the supposition advanced by Kurt Horedt.

Some researchers59 accepted the trustworthiness of the data recor- ded in Descriptio Europae Orientalis about the homeland of the Balkan Vlachs, especially because it seemed that a Byzantine source con- firmed it. However, the pottery indicates human occupation since the second half of the 10th century. Another explanation was provided by Imre Boba, who supposed that GH recalled here another leader called Attila, who ruled over a fragment of the Avarian confederation after the Frankish aggression.

Gyula had two daughters: The theory of the Pannonian origin of the Balkan Vlachs was expressed by B. The research of the Hungarian remains from the first period after the conquest of Pannonia has developed considerably in the last decades.

Taking into account that stage I had two gseta and that the set- tlement from phase 2 had two or three levels, it could be supposed that stage I lasted for about a century, which means that its begin- ning could be placed before the Hungarian conquest. Transylvania was a kernel of expansion toward Hungary, Slovakia and Moravia.

Transylvania, Bessarabia, the Bucovina, the Banat, and Dobrudja. For Transylvania, this purpose was only to demon- strate the legitimacy of the Arpadian dominion over this principal- ity, which was a distinct country from the Hungarian kingdom.