Caesar’s Messiah – The secret, hidden history of Christianity and the Gospels. If what Joseph Atwill is saying is only partially true, we are looking into the abyss. Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah”. This one can only be charitably be described as “way out there.” It does have the endorsement of a credentialed scholar or. In his book Caesar’s Messiah,[2] Joseph Atwill argues that Jesus of Nazareth was the invention of the Roman Empire, and Josephus wrote the entire NT after AD.

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Atwill also omits how Vespasian healed a man’s withered arm, by stomping on it — which finds no parallel with Jesus. Likewise, the Sadducees were largely secular, working alongside the Romans, and the Essenes lived far from Jerusalem at Qumran. Atwill makes much of Titus using the word “repent” as Jesus did.

It jospeh a better question why Titus published in Greek material that was intended to target people who mainly spoke Aramaic and Hebrew. The idea that Christianity was intended to prevent the spread of messianic Judaism to the provinces ignores the fact that Jews of the Diaspora were Hellenized enough that atwoll did not support such a movement in the first place the misplaced hopes of the rebels, recorded by Josephus, notwithstanding.

A Critique of Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah”

According to Atwill, their primary purpose in creating the religion was to control the spread of Judaism and moderate its political virulence. We should point out that Joseph Atwill is not a NT scholar or a historian; he is a dotcom businessman.

Does Atwill suppose that Jesus is supposed to be walking around with a list of every particular and unique sin every person has committed and announcing them to each person one at a time?

The Jewish Quarterly Review. Price said that Atwill “gives himself license to indulge in the most outrageous display of parallelomania ever seen.

Atwill’s ataill Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah [41] expanded the thesis of Roman authorship of the New Testament, to suggest that the Pauline epistles and Revelation were written during or after the reign of Domitian. This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat emssiah Why not just write one book? Atwill misreads [44] Jesus’ prophecy as saying a “Son of Man would come to Judea No source is cited for this attribution. Archived from the original on April 4, Like MacDonald, Atwill also freely roams all over the texts to make his tenuous connections.


I wrote that the religion was designed to be a theological barrier to prevent the spread of the militarized messianic movement to Jews living throughout the empire.

The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth. The Gospel narratives of Luke However, as Atwill admits, his analysis as well as the Preterist analysis disagrees with mainline Christian interpretations of the biblical prophecy of the Second Coming. So Atwill is clearly trying to divert from his outstanding failure to address the far more critical point concerning ancient social psychology, of which, he knows absolutely nothing e.

He marvels that there was a “Jesus” who preached and a “Jesus” who also led rebels against Titus on the Sea of Galilee [43] — oblivious to the point that as we have heard so much about, related to the “James ossuary” “Jesus” atwilll as common a name for Jews of that period as “Bob” is for men today. Caesar’s Messiah 1st ed. Robertson Acharya S Gilbert T.

Motivational criticism Atwill states that the Romans were motivated to invent Christianity to create a more passive Jewish community in Israel. He treats the Gospels as a uniform whole in other words, the conspiracy is assumed in order to prove it so that, for example, he pulls the use of the word “Gethsemane” from Mark and combines it with Jesus’ bloody sweat mentioned only in Luke to create a whole parallel [] to what are also two separate stories in Josephus. See Josrph, Wars of the Jews, 7, 10 Is this supposed to be meaningful?

Atwill carelessly attributes the words of John the Baptist to Jesus [].

Finally, let’s note some of Atwill’s most peculiar errors: Find him on Facebook: Immediately following the Testimonium Flavianum is the story of Decius Mundus, who pretends to be the god Anubisto trick a woman named Paulina into having sex.

Here Trajan tells Pliny that Christians should be killed, unless they abandon their faith. Afterhe returned to Biblical studies. When there are no constraints, as there are when Atwill operates, any such connection can be made.


According to Bell, the author of pseudo-Hegesippus may have elaborated on the joke by making Paulina become possibly pregnant by Anubis, thus jseph her parody of the Virgin Mary. In these passages, Atwill sees a parody atdill Jesus’ sayings in Matt. If what Joseph Atwill is saying is only partially true, we are looking into the abyss”.

It was also not until much later that Rome was chosen as the church’s headquarters, despite being also the center of persecution [24] with Jerusalem destroyed, Rome is no more an odd choice than New York would be today.

Joe Atwill | Caesar’s Messiah, Altered History, & Exposing the Oligarchs

According to Atwill, this indicates that the Gospel authors wanted to signal that the character Jesus Christ, as the fulfillment of the messianic prophecies of the Hebrew scriptures, was a representation of Titus Flavius. Atwill argues that the biblical character Jesus Christ is a typological representation caessr the Roman Emperor Titus. The mythicist Biblical scholar Robert M. As with MacDonald, Atwill is constrained to explain why generations of intelligent and credentialed scholars he is, by the way, merely a “businessman” have missed these points for thousands of years.

A Critique of Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah” | Evidence Unseen

The Roman Piso theory His rationale that “soul” and “bowels” are synonymous does not work for it is merely a tenuous, contrived connection of the same type above, making soldiers who kill men in the water with darts and swords into “fishers”. Atwill notes that according to the Preterist school of biblical interpretation, the prophecies of Jesus and Daniel were fulfilled by the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Play in new window Download. It is claimed that the church’s “structures of authority, its sacraments, its college of bishops, the title of the head of the religion, the supreme pontiff– were all based on Roman, not Judaic traditions.

As ceasar as humor is, Atwill’s mere word that X was “funny” to the Flavians rings hollow. Atwill states that the Romans were motivated to invent Christianity to create a more passive Jewish community in Israel.