sample Keppe Motor Warning: the handling of the material and tools suggested in this manual is improper for children under 12 years of age. List of suggested. III – Instructions for building the sample Keppe Motor Warning: the handling of the material and tools suggested in this manual is improper for children under Yesterday, The STOP the Destruction of the World Association announced the release of a new Keppe Motor Fan Kit & Assembly Manual.

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Norberto Keppeexplores how the essential concepts of Physics, as well as biology and psychology, are completely inverted and are actually leading scientists away from understanding the nature ,eppe reality and the universe in which we live. Be careful not to touch the red and blue terminals or the motor will not work.

The STOP Association has decided to release this technology to the world in the hopes that many interested individuals will contribute to the study of this landmark technology.

Attach male spade connectors to each end of the coil. To facilitate the hand winding procedure of the coil, trim the edges of the strips with the mmotor.

De Lorenzo has extensive experience and expertise in instructional systems, thanks to continuous evolution with projects in educational institutions around the world. Edit wiki on beta. Keppe Motor group seeks accredited lab to certify efficiency.

Manual 4.1 – Keppe Motor

Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at 1: Step 21 Turn on the switch. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. They can mannual help to improve your latest innovative projects by powering them into the highest performance and efficiency ratings.


Courses and educational materials are available.

Keppe Motor presented in the United States

This conundrum was perceived by Nobel Prize winner, Steven Weinberg. Keppe Motor group seeks accredited lab to certify efficiency Template: These will be the sup- ports for the wound motor coil. Here’s a photo of me today with that Keppe Motor Kit 1. After finishing the primary coil, pass to the secondary coil without cutting the wire, and provide turns more in the same clockwise direction.

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Publications – Keppe Motor – Tecnologia para um Novo Mundo

Keppe Motors are suitable for use as environmentally friendly alternatives where traditional, inefficient electric motors are currently being used. In this fascinating book, Dr.

If the motor stops after this period, the Reed switch may need to be replaced. Then cut the strips. Scrape about 1 cm of the wire shield from the wires.

Portuguese BrazilSpanish Read more. To eliminate this possibility, you can glue them separately onto manyal wood base. Complete with easy to follow professionally illustrated illustrations, this manual also comes with the blueprints and 3D printable.

Manual – Keppe Motor – Keppe Motor – Tecnologia para um Novo Mundo

List of suggested parts: Repeat the procedure for the other strip and then use the cutter pliers to cut the edges at the marked points. Glue the Reed switch so that the contact plates face the shaft, thus making it easier for the switch.


Norberto Keppe shows us how keple inverted concepts in Physics as well as biology and psychology have proposed a totally upside down view of reality.

Step 13 Cut both wire ends to the same length. Keppe Products Keppe Motor Manual 4. The lifespan of a Reed switch can be up to 10, taps, depending on the switching am- perage and metal fatigue.

How did you go about getting more information about it?

The Keppe Motor can be designed to replace most of the electric motors which are now used in a variety of different applications. See the explicative document: For more powerful motors, typi- cally we utilize more appropriate switching systems which last longer. Step 7 This step is a preparation for the construction of the rotor in the next step. Leave about 10 cm of wire free at the beginning of the winding. Help Center Find new research papers in: The photo below shows what the final piece should look like.

This led a group of followers to waste their time and the money of many countries on building the cyclotron in Switzerland. Nowadays, such an assembly is mostly just a memory of the “good ol’ days,” but not with the STOP Organization, for whom such things are a way of life. Keppe Motor Manual – Working Principles Step 15 Glue the wooden support for the Reed switch under the shaft as shown in the next picture.