Lightarian Clearing Ray The Lightarian Clearing Ray will assist you in a powerful clearing that launches a gentle, yet effective etheric deep cleaning coordinated. The first five Rays focus on the essential phases of spiritual processing.. Empowerment, Clearing, Healing, Activation and Manifestation. The sixth Ray called. Created by Ascended Master El Morya, the Clearing Ray launches a gentle, yet effective “etheric deep cleaning” stripping away all of your adverse soul.

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Teaches you the majority of the principles of Lightarian Reiki and provides the initial attunement to Ascended Master Buddha.

Long-existing patterns contributing to physical stresses, discomfort and dis-ease; deep-seated emotional and mental restrictions and blockages Limiting belief structures and unresolved soul-level spiritual issues Adverse patterns sourced by family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other mass-consciousness influences Undesired implants, attachments, strong behavior patterns and addictions, detrimental past and future life influences As a result of these releases, self-actualization — higher self integrated more and more fully into your incarnational experience — occurs and the following naturally starts lightzrian come forth in day to day life: The attunement supports the dissolving of stress and dis-ease from your subtle and physical body, and launches a process of holistic self-healing, returning you to a state of balance and alignment.

Self-empowerment is the starting point for the spiritual awakening process, Then, the clearer you become, the more effectively you can heal, The more you clear and heal, then lifhtarian greater can be your rate of personal energetic activations, All leading to a greater ability for you to manifest a higher level of Light in your day-to-day life! The 2nd band consists of Karuna Reiki.

  ASD S3000L PDF

These boundaries and obstacles frame in and provide the limiting structure for the challenging life scenarios that we want to experience This ray was sourced by Ascended Master Saint Germain.

He will assist you in moving through life with courage and will help light your way into the future. I am going to concentrate on Lightarian teachings as I have found them life changing, especially the Rays. And this is what happen!

More Higher Self energies are also integrated pightarian your physical body and lower energy fields. Thanks for sharing this with the world!!!! The Clearing Ray launches the releasing of complex patterns of limiting programs, restrictive belief structures and their associated adverse stored energies!

The attunement launches deep etheric cleaning to remove adverse soul programming, inappropriate belief structures, and undesired mental and emotional patterns. Amazing spiritual growth and personal growth and transformation are the result of this alignment with Source.

The first five attunements connect one to each of five Ascended Masters who have chose to work with and provide support to those wishing to pursue this path. Ascended Master El Morya will orchestrate the removal of your adverse soul programming, undesired belief structures and your most challenging mental, emotional and physical patterns.

The Lightarian attunements are categorized as: And there are no prerequisites for receiving training raj the Cray process.

Lotusheart Healing

This site was last Updated on Thursday, July 13, 1: Ultimately, the Source Ray attunement gifts us with the ability to see the amazing lightarina of the Great Spirit clearin work in our lives. It focuses on the stimulation and development of higher vibration levels within your structure of chakras and subtle bodies through the etheric process of energetic activations.

Receive manuals for all Ascension Bands. Further moves you into higher vibritional levels and anchors a direct attunement-based relationship with the Godhead energies.


It helps you move forward on your spiritual path with a renewed sense of mission and purpose.

Lightarian Rays – Ascended Master Track – ANDEAN WAY

It reorganizes the vibrational levels of your chakras and integrates the aspects of your higher self into your daily life. Teacher attunements include a book for each Ray. Following this attunement, over an extended period of time, your chakras and subtle bodies will be cleared and opened to hold and anchor in more Light!

As a Client – Receiving the Lightarian Clearings attunements as a client, strictly for your own personal benefit, is very self propelling. In very general terms, the flow of the clearing process stimulated by the Clearing Ray will follow the sequence of the six patterns as outlined below. Typically, a two day period elapses between the birthing of the newborn and the final merging of the soul energies with its newborn physical body.

Lightarian Attunement Programs

He assists you with navigating within the etheric realms. The dominant source for these patterns has been etheric “imprinting” from the parents and any significant environmental impacts and influences during the pregnancy. Over time, the Clearing program Attunements release these adverse energies…Long-existing patterns contributing to physical stresses, discomfort and dis-ease; deep-seated emotional and mental restrictions and blockages…Limiting belief structures and unresolved soul-level spiritual issues The effects of mis-alignments and imbalances on the well-being of the individual can be quite clearingg.