lucid living is a magical little book in which T!M presents the timeless wisdom of insights that will help you experience the ultra-awake state of ‘lucid living’. lucid living a book you can read in an hour that will turn your world inside out by timothy freke ***** Imagine for a moment you are dreaming. Buy Lucid Living: Waking Up to Life by Timothy Freke now! Imagine for a moment that you’re dreaming.

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You consequently start to experience more love and happiness in your life as you start to feel the universality and limitlessness of your being and as you wake up and achieve your own enlightenment. Was expecting something more spectacular, didn’t really turn my world insideout. This an extremely easy read – it took me 30 minutes, not an hour.

Overwhelmed with gratitude you begin to thank the stranger, liiving he has moved on and is now deep in conversation with someone else, who is looking shocked and intrigued.

T!M Freke – lucid living – new version

The Book of Prosperity: Eckhart Tolle and David Icke. I want to know more This book has inspired me to want to know more about lucid living.


The first clue is our next insight. I think it’s a good introduction to the concept of lucid living, especially if you haven’t got a philosophical background.

Yours and Other People’s Too! Before we embark on our philosophical adventure, let me make something very clear. You are infinite potential playing at being a person. Yeah, but, nothing very new here if you’ve an interest in this kind of stuff anyway.

Nov 28, tina michelle rated it liked it. Feb 15, Adam Dillon rated it really liked it.

It is a real dreamworld. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Lucid Living by Timothy Freke | extrafilespace

So what is awareness? Interesting concept about consciousness and philosophy. Encouraged by my brief success I kept looking until I gradually got it. Otherwise lucid living will remain just a bizarre idea. Not really, except for one minor insight I hadn’t had before. And if we really pay attention to our experience of this moment we will discover that life is like a dream. The Wisdom of the Hindu Gurus.

Clean, simple, enlightening writing. Timothy Freke claims this book will turn your world inside out within an hour. We share our essential identity as awareness in common. A book you can read in an hour that will turn your world inside out.


Lucid Living by Timothy Freke

And that is what I am here to help you do. It did not turn my world inside out. Awakening is lucid living. Very small book that will freak your freak! Jun 17, Con Robinson rated it it was amazing. And if you live to be eighty years old you will have just weeks in which to understand it.

But that makes for rich reading, which means this book needs to be savoured not gulped. Not everything will apply or resonate with you, but maybe something small will which will enable you to live a happier life.

This realisation has huge implications.

So that when I become engrossed luciid the collective coma we mistake for real life, you can remind me to live lucidly. Your identity is inherently paradoxical.